Progress on the Planning Task Force

over 3 years ago

Since adoption of the report to Council 30 May 2016, the Planning Task Force has been working on the strategic component of the Planning Framework Review.

Work has been undertaken to develop a Land Monitor document that demonstrates the current supply and demand of land within Wagga. An analysis is also being undertaken of population trend, with a population forecast for the next 20 years being developed.

A major community engagement project was also undertaken from 5 May to 11 June for the new Community Strategic Plan "Wagga View: Our future in focus". A Community Strategic Plan is a document that guides Council's budgets, strategies and plans and is focused on what the community wants for the future.

The Wagga View consultation will provide insight into what we want our neighborhoods and public places to look like and what enhances the livability of our city. Thousands of individual pieces of feedback were received and they are currently being collated to identify key themes.

Meanwhile, further consultation is taking place over the next few weeks in the form a survey for the Rural Lands Strategy. Stakeholders of rural village communities will be asked to provide their view on the strengths, opportunities and challenges they perceive for their community.

The information provided through this consultation will help develop a criteria for the assessment of each areas capacity for growth. As guided by Council's strategic framework, the planning documentation will not only be informed by the Community Strategic Plan but also by other state and regional plans, such as the State Government's Riverina Murray Regional Plan.

Other strategies such as the Recreation, Open Space and Community Facilities Strategy and the Wagga Wagga Integrated Transport Strategy (WWITS) are also progressing to inform the development of growth scenarios for the city. Both of the strategies will be completed in time to inform the review of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

Consultation has concluded