Establishment of the Planning Task

over 3 years ago

In April 2016, City of Wagga Wagga General Manager Alan Eldridge announced the formation of Council's Planning Task Force.

The Task Force was put in placed to prioritise and fast track the review of Council's planning framework.

Preliminary engagement was undertaken by the Task Force to gain an understanding of the gaps within the current framework. The engagement took place with representatives from the former Planning Advisory Committee as well as internal stakeholders and Councillors.

This consultation has helped shape the scope of the Planning Task Force, which was adopted through a report to Council on 30 May 2016.

The report included a commitment from Council to:

  • Develop a residential strategy which would look at population forecasts and demand for housing stock and develop growth scenarios based on this analysis
  • Undertake a Rural Lands Strategy which would look at the sustainability of villages within the local government area and the potential for villages to accommodate growth
  • Undertake a review of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP)
  • Undertake a review of Development Control Plan (DCP)
  • Undertake the review of the Development Contribution Plans including Section 94, Section 94A and Section 64
As part of the Council's commitment to fast track the review, an 18-month timeframe was also adopted with six months dedicated to the strategy component and 12 months allocated to the review of the LEP (this is a minimum period established by NSW Department of Planning and Environment).

Council acknowledges that this is an ambitious timeframe but considers this a priority for the community.

Consultation has concluded