Water Levels

over 4 years ago
This discussion has now concluded. Feedback will be considered as a part of the review of the Lake Albert Management Plan

Council has allocated $20, 000 from the Lake Albert improvements reserve to carry out further investigations into the viability of the ground water within close proximity to Lake Albert.

This investigation will inform a report on the viability of using groundwater to supplement water levels in the Lake.

You can read the report in full here.

What do you think about this idea to supplement water levels?

Do you have any other ideas about how water levels in the Lake could be supplemented?

This discussion forum is open until 31 July.

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  • Nadine over 4 years ago
    As much as it is nice to have the Lake full, I don't see supplementing the water levels in Lake Albert with groundwater as an efficient use of limited public funds or natural water resources for Council.
  • Bel-Ami over 4 years ago
    Sad that such a scarce resource will be used to retain water levels in a large evaporation basin. Definitely not an efficient use of water.
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    • John Kent over 4 years ago
      I have been regularly walking along the lake and using it for boating for 30 years. There have been many changes. The bitumen walking track and access past the golf club have been the best improvements. Thankyou.To rectify the water level problems I see the following solutions:1. Redirect the water from Crooked Creek into the lake. This will also reduce the flooding of houses experienced by residents along Sycamore Road.2. Redirect the runoff water from Tatton which flows down the drain through O'Halloran park. This could be achieved by an inexpensive weir in the drain between the foot bridge and Lake Albert Road. The height of this weir should be higher than the overflow drain from the Lake under Lakeside Drive so that any runoff from Tatton is directed into the lake. In times of heavy runoff, water could flow over the weir and out through the existing culvert under Lake Albert Road. This would have the added benefit of creating a permanent billabong in O'Halloran park between the dog exercise area and the Girl Guide Hall. Win. Win.3. Dredge the lake and create an island in the middle as has been suggested by others. The added depth and reduced surface area will reduce evaporation, alleviate the problem of shallow water preventing boating activities, create a great nature/bird refuge on the island, and improve fishing. Put picnic table on there too for boaties, canoeists etc to use.4. Drill a bore for underground water.5. Utilize treated waste water from the nearby treatment works.A combination of all 5 would eliminate any water shortage issues.Other comments are:1. The banks of the lake are becoming eroded and need some rehabilitation. I would suggest that wakeboats exacerbate the problem because of the excessive wakes they produce (also a problem for canoes etc).2. Can we please have more seating around the lake, preferably in the shade, facing the lake and between the walking track and the shore.3. I personally do not see any need for the lighting that is proposed and the money could be better used for more urgent works. However, others strongly support the lighting.4. The improvements to the boat ramp access at Apex Park will be a big benefit. When this is done can the ramp please be extended to eliminate the drop off at the bottom? It is very easy to damage boats and trailers when the water level is low - but with the improvements to water inflow it will never be low again will it!!
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      • Gordon over 4 years ago
        I agree with all of these comments except:4. Using underground water would be extremely expensive and not acceptable to downstream users.3. Lighting will make the walking track and parkland more appealing and safe for evening use, even when the lake water level is low.
  • PatriciaAnn over 4 years ago
    I don't think that the water levels should be supplemented with water bought through an allocation. Ground water also poses a problem if it is going to be highly saline and again a license and pumping apparatus will be needed. Just live with it.
  • Gordon over 4 years ago
    If the test bore finds water in sufficient quantity to fill the lake, the high cost of purchasing the water and pumping it from depth make this an extremely expensive option. Using bore water will lower the water table, potentially draining water from the river and thus reducing water in the Murrumbidgee system. This will not be popular with downstream users. Similarly, pumping of water from the river during dry times would be expensive and unacceptable to downstream users.The least cost options are to improve catchment of local runoff that presently bypasses the lake.
  • Steve Turner over 4 years ago
    These have been done many times before and are probably not on computer so the council should go through their paper files the old fashion way. One speaker last night even told the mayor which pages they were on but he didn't seemed to be aware of it. All this does is to delay what needs to be done and a waste of money, speak to other councils how they fixed their lakes as well. Make fixing the water a priority and worry about the other projects after that. Also I won't mention his name but one person last night mentioned that wet dredging as they do on the coast might be a cheaper alternative than the suggestion of draining the whole lake and this could be done in stages.
  • Ron over 4 years ago
    Council are to be congratulated for allocating the $20,000 funding to investigate the viability of ground water near the lake . Hopefully water will be found and provide a comparatively lower cost of water supply that will bring the lake back to life .Even if this is a supplement only to water required to maintain the water levels and improve water quality , it is a positive start. Council has previously spent larger sums on cleaning up water reserves in Wagga eg the Wollundry Lagoon $1 million and now more funding is required to improve water levels and quality at lake Albert . Another source Council should consider is harvesting more storm water from surrounding new residences being constructed south of the lake as development grows in that direction . It is a pity run off from areas like Tatton by pass the lake and run down Tatton drain and not the Lake . I note there recently appears to better collection of storm water from East Lake Drive after servicing appears to have been doneCouncil must also redirect the flow of water from Crooked Creek that also bypasses the lake due to part diversion of flows to Council revegetation area in Marshall Creek east of Rawlings sports ground completed on some of the storm water drains and there maybe more drains that could be cleared out