Lights 4 Lake

over 4 years ago
This discussion has concluded. A report including feedback in this online forum was considered at the June Council Meeting. More information can be found in the 'News' tab.

A Committee 4 Wagga project, the Lights 4 Lake initiative proposes to provide solar lighting with up to 75 solar pedestal lights around the perimeter walking track of Lake Albert.

In March 2015, Council resolved to support the project in principal, and further consult with the community.

You can read the minutes of that meeting and the resolution here.

A report collating the results of this consultation is scheduled to go to the June Council Meeting for consideration.

Committee 4 Wagga proposes that the $230,000 project will be funded from the following sources:

  • NSW State Government: $40,000
  • Committee 4 Wagga: $115,000 via individual pole sponsorship
  • Wagga Wagga City Council: $75,000

Council would also be required to contribute in-kind through the provision of project management and staff resources during installation.

Council currently has no identified whole of life funding source for this project.

You can read more about it on the Committee 4 Wagga website.

If you have any more questions about this project please email

How will the installation of 75 solar pedestal lights around the perimeter walking track of Lake Albert affect your experience of the precinct?

What kind of potential do you think having the Lake Albert Walkway lit up at night could bring to the area?

This discussion forum will close on 10 June.

Consultation has concluded

  • Steve Turner over 4 years ago
    I am not against the idea but surely the water issues for the lake is a priority to people that want to run around the lake at night in the middle of winter whoever they are?
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    • matt_2 over 4 years ago
      Agree with you on this one Steve.
    • sos925 over 4 years ago
      Agree that water should be the priority.
  • bappleby over 4 years ago
    What a great idea, I think people need to get on the walking track any time after 5am and even up till 11pm of a night, in the winter fog or in the summer. It is very surprising how many people are using one of the only recreational facilities around for Adults. For those of us who unfortunately have to work incredibly stupidly long hours I go to work in the dark and get home in the dark usually for around 3 months of the year. I would look forward to doing my exercise without having to wear a lamp on my head. I look forward to the release of details to sponsor a pole.
  • Anneg over 4 years ago
    I have lived on the Lake for 30 years and used the walking path since it's inception.We have more than adequate daylight hours for recreation and exercise in summer and how many people really want to walk. And play in the cold,damp and fog of winter. I think we have enough other lit streets and exercise facilities to accomodate that small proportion of nocturnal exercisers.Invest the public money in landscaping, park improvements,bins etc and of course as many intellectual and financial resources as possible in the collection and retention of water. The first priority!!A final thought....what about the increased opportunity for accidents,vandalism,noise and generation of rubbish?The Lake precinct is still after all a residential area entitled to the peace and quiet of the evening. How many other public parks are lit at night to encourage nighttime activity?Should this unfortunate plan get traction we will at least be better able to see the muddy bottom of the Lake!
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    • matt_2 over 4 years ago
      Agree totally with all your comments, except the lights helping to see the muddy bottom of the lake. There's barely 20cm visibility through those lake waters. No amount of lighting will help with that.
  • Ron over 4 years ago
    The most important priority should be to harvest more water to the lake to maintain water levels and try to drought proof the lake . Expenditure of scarce council funds should be directed to the critical priority of putting water in the Lake and not diverting funds around the foreshores which could follow on later after the main problem is fixed
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    • Gordon over 4 years ago
      Even with improved catchment of storm rains, droughts will mean that the lake levels will still fall too low for water activities. However, the parklands around the lake will continue to provide recreation. Thus, spending money to improve the lake surrounds will improve the facility for all seasons in both wet and dry years.
    • matt_2 over 4 years ago
      Totally agree. I think that council should be spending the money to improve water levels and water quality.
    • MattM over 4 years ago
      Of the proposed council contribution, 2/3 of the funds are suggested to come from the Environment Energy Saving Plan, money that could not be used for water level management. This will hopefully also have a knock on affect of proving the technology to be used for the lights, enabling their installation elsewhere in the city, reducing the amount of mains power used.The installation of the lights should encourage more people to participate in activities around the lake, raising awareness of the other issues through direct exposure and increasing community engagement to fix them, the water level for instance.
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      • CJ over 4 years ago
        Wow, someone actually opened the document and read it rather than just spouting off on something they had no idea about and couldn't be bothered to research. You sir, are to be congratulated! I just had a quick look at it after your comment. I'm not sure what fund the other 1/3 ($25k) is limited to, but it says "embellishment". I would presume that would normally be additions to the parks such as playgrounds, BBQ's, seating, bins etc, so i doubt that could be used for water either. I'm not sure what power they have to change budgets like this that have presumably been locked in for certain items
  • Bel-Ami over 4 years ago
    It makes sense, otherwise it is used only 6-8 months of the year. Sure the cooler months turn some people off recreation after work, but the early darkness is a big factor.
  • BenJord over 4 years ago
    Fantastic idea.
  • MicheleHemmings over 4 years ago
    Would be lovely!! Autumn and Winter nights come in too early, so to be able to safely use the facility after work is a real PLUS for Wagga Wagga.
  • Heidi101 over 4 years ago
    The Lake Albert walkway is one of Wagga Wagga’s most popular recreational assets and attracts high volumes of users on a daily basis. The lake is free to all members of the community to enjoy and the installation of solar lighting around the walkway is an environmentally friendly way to increase access to this asset. The lighting will allow users to enjoy the amenity and be safely accessed in the hours before sunrise and after sunset.
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    • Ron over 4 years ago
      the cost of the project is not justified . I walk on the Lake Albert walkway 3 times a week and would pass no more than a dozen walkers and three bikers each time . I will say that the solar lights might help with advance sighting of several cyclists who regularly treat the shared walkway as a speed trial track and give little regard to the safety of walkers . It would also help to see the many dog and horse droppings that litter the walkway requiring constant stepping around
    • matt_2 over 4 years ago
      I don't think having lights will have any impact on safety. May actually result in a higher number of negative events happening with more people enticed to walking early morning/late night.
  • matt_2 over 4 years ago
    Seems like a big waste of money to me. In summer you have daylight hours until 8:30 to 9pm. In winter its too cold to be walking around late at night. In terms of the mornings I run regularly. The early morning temperature is lower near the water, so I usually avoid running by the lake, instead heading for the hills where there it is warmer and there is less fog.